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On-chain Behavioral Analytics powered by AI

Our Mission

At ChainAware.ai, our mission is to make cryptocurrency secure for everyone. We aim to protect users and businesses in the rapidly evolving crypto space by offering advanced AI-driven solutions.

Our primary innovation is the predictive crypto fraud score, developed by the SmartCredit.io team, which analyzes blockchain addresses and interaction patterns in real-time to detect potential fraud.

Tarmo Ploom, CTO
Martin Ploom, CEO

Our Vision and Solutions

At ChainAware.ai, we aim to make cryptocurrency secure for everyone by offering advanced AI-driven solutions. Our predictive fraud detection and rug pull detection tools provide real-time protection against fraudulent activities, while our wallet audit service offers users detailed insights into their transaction history. For businesses, our Web3 User Analytics delivers deep insights into user behavior and preferences, and our AdTech for Web3 enables personalized, 1:1 marketing to enhance engagement and conversion rates.

Our vision centers on several key areas: providing robust, real-time fraud detection through our predictive fraud score, segmenting crypto users for effective 1:1 marketing using blockchain data and advanced analytics, and introducing comprehensive crypto credit scoring based on blockchain data. These features are essential for the emerging Web3 financial system and are designed to enhance user experience, engagement, and security in the cryptocurrency market. All our solutions are calculated on-chain and in real-time, ensuring the highest accuracy and reliability.


At ChainAware.ai, we are dedicated to making cryptocurrency secure for everyone. Our mission is realized through advanced AI algorithms developed by the SmartCredit.io team, which provide a predictive crypto fraud score by analyzing blockchain addresses and interaction patterns in real-time.

Our comprehensive suite of products includes predictive fraud detection, predictive rug pull detection, wallet audits for individual users, and Web3 user analytics and AdTech solutions for businesses.

With a vision to enhance security, enable precise user segmentation, and offer robust crypto credit scoring, we leverage our expertise in digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and big data to drive innovation and trust in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency activities leave distinct traces on the blockchain. While each incident is unique, there are identifiable interaction patterns that remain in the transaction history. Although the potential variations are numerous, the patterns are finite.

Our advanced AI modules analyze these patterns to detect irregular activities and predict future behaviors based on historical data.

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