User Segmentation and 1:1 Targeting

Our platform enables you to uncover anonymous users, create target audiences, and deliver personalized ads to connect with potential customers across the web. It’s like Google Adwords for web3.

Unlock Anonymous Data

Leverage the power of AI to unlock anonymous web3 data, segment users, and deliver personalized messages that enhance sales, recommendations, and user experiences.

Gain extensive insights into your web3 users, including which protocols and categories they use. Our analytics dashboard provides a clear view of user behavior and preferences.

Personalized Advertising

Most Web3 applications offer the same interface and messages to all users, resulting in low conversion rates. By adopting adaptive user interfaces and intention-based 1:1 targeting, you can significantly improve user engagement and outcomes.

Quickly build customer segments and define campaign rules for messages, banners, and campaigns within minutes. Our platform enables targeted advertising that resonates with your users’ intentions, driving higher conversion rates and retention.

Achieve powerful results by combining analytics with personalized targeting. Tailor your user interfaces and messages based on user intentions, similar to adaptive interfaces in Web2 applications like Amazon or YouTube. This approach ensures users see relevant screens and messages, boosting engagement and conversion rates.

AI-Based and Big Data Analytics offers comprehensive Web3 User Analytics and Personalized User Targeting. Analyze which users visit your web3 platform and target them with personalized messages, resulting in higher user conversion and retention. Instead of generic messages, our platform ensures your users receive intention-specific messages, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Easy Integration

Integrate seamlessly with our simple API. Connect your wallet, generate your pixel code from our dashboard, and share it with your developer to get started within minutes.

Available through our Enterprise Subscription, Web3 Analytics requires just a simple installation of a pixel code on your website to start tracking who visits your platform.

Getting Started

Define as many 1:1 targeting banners as you need. Customize conditions and styles for each banner using our WYSIWYG editor and integrate them seamlessly with JavaScript code. Our platform allows you to define 1:1 messaging for all your pages based on user behavior and intentions.


At, we are dedicated to making cryptocurrency secure for everyone. Our mission is realized through advanced AI algorithms developed by the team, which provide a predictive crypto fraud score by analyzing blockchain addresses and interaction patterns in real-time.

Our comprehensive suite of products includes predictive fraud detection, predictive rug pull detection, wallet audits for individual users, and Web3 user analytics and AdTech solutions for businesses.

With a vision to enhance security, enable precise user segmentation, and offer robust crypto credit scoring, we leverage our expertise in digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and big data to drive innovation and trust in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency activities leave distinct traces on the blockchain. While each incident is unique, there are identifiable interaction patterns that remain in the transaction history. Although the potential variations are numerous, the patterns are finite.

Our advanced AI modules analyze these patterns to detect irregular activities and predict future behaviors based on historical data.

Elevate Your Crypto Strategy

Unlock the power of AI-driven insights and solutions to boost engagement, security, and growth in the web3 ecosystem. Start transforming your business today.