Crypto Credit Scoring with AI

Our credit scoring system combines AI analytics, crypto fraud scores, and social graph analysis to provide a comprehensive assessment of borrower reliability. A higher trust score results in fewer payments into the Loss-Provision Fund and better collateral ratios for borrowers, ultimately benefiting both parties.

Accurate Borrower Assessment

Crypto Credit Score enables lenders to accurately distinguish between trustworthy and less reliable borrowers. Our AI-powered blockchain analytics calculate the crypto trust score for each account by analyzing inflows and outflows from Ethereum accounts and other blockchain data. This is combined with our AI-based Crypto Fraud Score and social graph analysis for a comprehensive assessment of borrower reliability, aiding lenders in making informed decisions.

Enhanced Borrowing Conditions

A higher crypto trust score leads to more favorable borrowing terms. Borrowers with a good score benefit from making fewer payments into the Loss-Provision Fund, which results in lower interest rates. Additionally, they can take advantage of better collateral ratios, making borrowing more accessible and affordable. By distinguishing reliable clients from less trustworthy ones, lenders can offer customized terms that incentivize trustworthy borrowers.

Seamless Integration and Immediate Start

Our Crypto Credit Scoring service is accessible through the Enterprise Subscription mode. The main way to use it is through our real-time API, which provides continuous transaction monitoring and immediate scoring updates.

Alternatively, you can use an intuitive user interface. Integrating is quick and easy with our simple API: connect your platform with your wallet, generate the pixel code from our dashboard, and share it with your developer. You can start benefiting from AI-driven credit scoring within minutes.

Experience the future of lending with our advanced AI-based Crypto Credit Scoring, and ensure your lending decisions are based on reliable, real-time data.


At, we are dedicated to making cryptocurrency secure for everyone. Our mission is realized through advanced AI algorithms developed by the team, which provide a predictive crypto fraud score by analyzing blockchain addresses and interaction patterns in real-time.

Our comprehensive suite of products includes predictive fraud detection, predictive rug pull detection, wallet audits for individual users, and Web3 user analytics and AdTech solutions for businesses.

With a vision to enhance security, enable precise user segmentation, and offer robust crypto credit scoring, we leverage our expertise in digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and big data to drive innovation and trust in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency activities leave distinct traces on the blockchain. While each incident is unique, there are identifiable interaction patterns that remain in the transaction history. Although the potential variations are numerous, the patterns are finite.

Our advanced AI modules analyze these patterns to detect irregular activities and predict future behaviors based on historical data.

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