Crypto Fraud Detection with AI

Utilize our predictive AI to proactively identify and prevent fraudulent activities. While conventional methods rely on retrospective analysis of forensic data, our advanced AI functionality allows for the detection of emerging patterns, enabling timely intervention.

Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Our AI-driven Transactions Monitoring system facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements for both CeFi and DeFi enterprises. By scrutinizing all inbound and outbound transactions, our platform thwarts the involvement of fraudulent accounts in business transactions.

Whether your enterprise is a CeFi entity utilizing our subscription model or a DeFi application integrating our real-time API, you can authenticate user addresses and ensure the processing of only legitimate transactions. With an impressive predictive accuracy of 98%, our AI algorithms identify and flag potential fraudulent addresses, thereby facilitating supplementary verifications as needed.

Predictive Power and Comprehensive Coverage

The blockchain industry lacks enriched data such as credit card histories and device databases, unlike traditional finance. Our AI-based Crypto Fraud Score fills this gap by analyzing transaction histories on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. By identifying specific interaction patterns used by scammers, our AI modules predict future fraudulent behaviors.

This predictive approach, combined with real-time monitoring, ensures a robust defense against crypto fraud. Trusted by platforms like, our solution prevents fraudulent activities such as borrowing, lending, staking, or fiat conversion by blocking flagged addresses.

Seamless Integration and Immediate Start

The integration of our fraud detection system is a straightforward and expeditious process. Our developer-friendly API enables seamless connection to platforms, facilitates the generation of pixel codes from the dashboard, and initiates transaction monitoring within minutes.

This streamlined procedure ensures prompt commencement of safeguarding your business against crypto fraud. Join the expanding cohort of enterprises harnessing our cutting-edge AI technology to fortify their operations and uphold compliance with regulatory standards.

Experience unparalleled protection and peace of mind with our advanced AI-based Crypto Fraud Detection system.

Getting Started

Protect your platform with our advanced AI-based Crypto Fraud Detection in just a few steps. Connect your wallet, generate the pixel code from our dashboard, and share it with your developer. Start monitoring transactions and preventing fraud within minutes.


At, we are dedicated to making cryptocurrency secure for everyone. Our mission is realized through advanced AI algorithms developed by the team, which provide a predictive crypto fraud score by analyzing blockchain addresses and interaction patterns in real-time.

Our comprehensive suite of products includes predictive fraud detection, predictive rug pull detection, wallet audits for individual users, and Web3 user analytics and AdTech solutions for businesses.

With a vision to enhance security, enable precise user segmentation, and offer robust crypto credit scoring, we leverage our expertise in digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and big data to drive innovation and trust in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency activities leave distinct traces on the blockchain. While each incident is unique, there are identifiable interaction patterns that remain in the transaction history. Although the potential variations are numerous, the patterns are finite.

Our advanced AI modules analyze these patterns to detect irregular activities and predict future behaviors based on historical data.

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