Fundamental needs to do business in web3

Predict future activity of a wallet owner, segment existing wallets according to criterias, and monitor transactions.

A collection of integrations offers flexible solutions through user-friendly APIs. Our data will benefit any platform’s internal processes.

Predictive AI

Our AI algorithms identify patterns and gives action based insights.

Real Time Analysis

We provide real time and accurate data analysis all the time.


While we monitor data constantly, we only charge if a valuable insight is shared.

Our products

The combination of blockchain and predictive AI.

Wallet auditor

Discover product-led growth opportunities by auditing wallets connected to your platform.

User Segmentation

Customize your marketing to tailor your offerings, increase client retention, and maximize revenue.

User Scoring

Our predictive AI algorithms analyze behavior and provide a dependable credit scoring tailored to your needs.

Build your solid growth strategy with

Make informed decisions effortlessly through insights.