integrates Big Data Crypto Analytics and AI-based Crypto Fraud Detection has integrated  Big Data Crypto Analytics and AI-based Crypto Fraud Detection API. was very similar to other Dapps, but there is now a big difference:

  • Increased Security due to integration of AI-based Crypto Transaction Monitoring API
  • Better user segmentation via Big Data Analytics based  User Segmentation API
  • Clustering of borrowers via AI-based Crypto Credit Scoring API

Increased Security has integrated Crypto Transactions Monitoring. This works as follows:

  • Subscribe to
  • Validate the user addresses in real-time when users connect to your Decentral Application with this real-time API
  • If addresses are flagged as potential fraud addresses, then do not allow the address to connect via Web3 API.

Crypto Transactions Monitoring is a regulatory requirement for all Virtual Asset Service Providers. It means verifying all the platform’s incoming and outgoing transactions and not letting fraudulent accounts participate in the business transactions.

Transactions Monitoring is implemented in traditional finance via Artificial Intelligence; there is a lot of data for the AI-Algorithms — addresses, credit card histories, account histories, device databases, etc.

In the blockchain industry, however, we only have the blockchain address. The crypto sector lacks all the enriched data available in traditional finance. That’s why Crypto Transaction Monitoring is AI-based.

Revenue generation via a focus on the right clients

Traditional financial institutions usually ask these questions:

  • Which are the key clients?
  • Which clients generate the best revenues?
  • Which clients have the highest revenue potential?

It’s because not all clients generate revenues; usually, a very small number of clients will generate most of the revenues (like in the Pareto rule – 20% of clients generate 80% of the revenues). integrated the User Segmentation API and is now automatically ranking the clients. Higher-ranked clients will get different marketing messages than lower-ranking clients.

Why is this important – because the higher ranking clients will generate the revenues. So, why not offer more benefits to higher-ranking clients? That’s exactly what is doing now.

Clustering of Borrowers integrated the AI-based Crypto Credit Score API:

  • Every user who connects to the platform is automatically credit scored
  • Users with better credit scores will receive better conditions ( has implemented Loss Provisions Fund, where the Loss Provision Payment depends directly on the borrower’s Credit Score)

Why is this important?

It’s because most of DeFi applications follow the very simplified over-collateralization approach:

  • Loans are highly over-collateralized
  • Loans are variable term – the user can finish the loan at any moment
  • If the loan value to collateral value (LTV) declines to a pre-defined threshold, then the loan is just liquidated

The side-effect of this approach is very high collateral use – the borrowers want to avoid liquidations and submit a lot of collateral to be sure that liquidations will not occur.

However, there is another business approach, as implemented by

  • Borrowers are automatically credit-scored
  • Borrowers with better credit scores will receive better conditions – they pay less collateral and have lower collateral requirements.
  • If the loan value to collateral value (LTV) starts to decline, borrowers are notified via the Positions Monitoring System to add more collateral or pay back the loans.

Credit Scoring enables the separation of good borrowers from less good borrowers. It allows enabling the borrowers to have better conditions compared to other platforms.

This approach results in the efficient use of collateral (see more at ).

Summary integrated the AI APIs and Big Data User Segmentation APIs of Here are the key benefits:

  • The high-risk addresses/wallets cannot connect to the platform – this increases the security of the platform
  • More focus on the key clients with the User Segmentation API
  • Reduced lending risk via the Borrower’s Clustering with Crypto Credit Score

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