How we used to get 18 million Twitter impressions

Learn how we leveraged AI and to reach more people and increase conversion., a company specializing in advanced AI-driven solutions for web3 and crypto projects, faced the significant challenge of identifying the Twitter handles of anonymous wallet owners to enhance user engagement. By utilizing our own web3 user segmentation and 1:1 targeting solutions, we achieved impressive results, including 18 million impressions, 20,000 website clicks, and 9,700 tweet engagements, all within a budget of under $10,000. This campaign successfully attracted our first users and helped build an initial community around our services.

Company Background provides advanced AI-driven solutions designed to enhance the security, efficiency, and user engagement of web3 and crypto projects. Our offerings include predictive fraud detection to safeguard against fraudulent activities, personalized marketing and user segmentation tools to optimize engagement, credit scoring for assessing crypto user creditworthiness, and comprehensive user analytics for deep insights into user behavior.

We empower businesses such as DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, online gaming, and e-commerce sites to leverage these technologies, ensuring robust risk management, targeted marketing, and seamless compliance with industry standards.

Solutions Implemented

The primary challenge was to bridge the gap between web3-based wallet addresses and web2-based identities to enable effective advertising on Twitter. We implemented our own pixel code to map users with web2 identities, making them targetable for Twitter ads.

By analyzing users who performed specific conversion-triggering activities, we developed targeted audience groups. Using our AI-based solutions, we identified user intentions and created personalized messages to engage these users effectively.

Our platform enables you to uncover anonymous users, create target audiences, and deliver personalized ads to connect with potential customers across the web. It’s like Google Ads for web3.

Results and Impact

The implementation of our web3 user segmentation and 1:1 targeting solutions yielded significant results:

  • Impressions: 18 million
  • Website Clicks: 20,000
  • Tweet Engagements: 9,700
  • Cost: Under $10,000

These metrics demonstrate the success of the campaign in reaching and engaging the target audience. As a result, we were able to attract our first users and build an initial community, which was crucial for the growth and development of our services.

The campaign reached an average of 20,000 monthly users, proving to be sustainable due to its low cost and high conversion rate. Marketing our “Rug Pull Detection with AI” tool, a niche product in the decentralized finance space, presented a significant challenge. Identifying and targeting users who were knowledgeable and interested in such a specific tool was made possible through our innovative solutions.

Example: Last 7 days’ data from our dashboard.


We faced the initial challenge of linking anonymous web3 wallet addresses with web2 identities for effective advertising. By implementing our web3 user segmentation and 1:1 targeting solutions, we successfully overcame this challenge and achieved impressive marketing results. The campaign not only attracted the first users to our platform but also helped build a vibrant initial community, setting the stage for future growth.

Our case study highlights the power and effectiveness of our AI-driven solutions in enhancing user engagement and achieving marketing goals. Businesses looking to leverage advanced AI technologies for targeted marketing and user engagement are encouraged to explore’s innovative solutions.


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