Upcoming Point System Announcement

Users will earn points for completing actions and can later receive the Airdrop.

We are excited to announce the upcoming introduction of the Point System in ChainAware.ai. Users will receive points for performing proposed actions on our platform, and later, they will receive the Airdrop.

The points can be received every week, and the users who get the most points will be rewarded the most.

Why do we implement the Point System in ChainAware.ai? It’s because our AI products are ready and battle-tested. We want to bring our AI products to real users so that everyday users benefit from our AI analytics.

We will reward users on our platform for performing wallet audits, fraud checks, and rug pull checks and sharing the findings on Twitter. On the other hand, we are convinced that users see a massive benefit in our product lines and keep 400using our AI-analytics-based products even more.

Let’s dive into details and let’s look:

  • What is ChainAware.ai?
  • What are Web3 Point Systems?
  • What is ChainAware.ai Point System?

What is ChainAware.ai?

ChainAware.ai is the product of SmartCredit.io team and shares the SMARTCREDIT token. ChainAware.ai’s vision is to monetize blockchain data with advanced AI algorithms. This is done via two product lines:

  • Web3 AI-based AdTech product line
  • Web3 AI-based predictive Fraud and Rug Pull Detection product line

ChainAware.ai has 4000+ wallets connected, and the first B2B integrations have been completed.
There are separate offerings for regular users and businesses. Our Point System focuses on regular users – especially with our predictive rug pull detection, predictive fraud detection, and wallet auditing solutions.
ChainAware.ai offers for regular users users:

  • AI-based Predictive Crypto Fraud Detection — real-time, on-chain, with a 98% prediction rate (for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and TON)
  • AI-based Predictive Crypto Rug Pull Detection — real-time, on-chain (at the moment only for the BSC)
  • Wallet Auditor with user Intention, Experience, Risk Willingness, and other stats
  • AI-based Crypto Credit Score
  • Telegram Bot for AI-based fraud detection and wallet audit
  • Discord Bot for AI-based fraud detection and wallet audit
  • Google Chrome extension for AI-based fraud detection

ChainAware.ai offers for businesses in the subscription mode:

  • AdTech – 1:1 Targeting with our intention-based banner system
  • AI-based Crypto Fraud Detection and Transaction Monitoring — real-time, on-chain Web3 User Analytics and Dashboard for analyzing your web3 users
  • AI-based Crypto Credit Score reports

Supported blockchains are:

  • Ethereum
  • BNB Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Polygon and
  • TON

Ethereum and BSC have full support. We support 1:1 AdTech and predictive fraud/rug pull detection. On Polygon and TON, we offer predictive fraud detection only.

What is a Web3 Point System?

Point systems in Web3 are a mechanism blockchain projects use to reward and incentivize user engagement and participation. Here’s an overview of how point systems work in the Web3 ecosystems:

  • Point systems in Web3 are designed to assign value to specific user behaviors within a project’s ecosystem. They can gamify protocols, aid in governance, and encourage user participation without immediately distributing tokens.
  • Unlike cryptocurrencies, crypto points are often centralized, meaning they are tracked and distributed by the specific Web3 project rather than being recorded on a blockchain. This gives project developers more control over the point system.
  • Points encourage various user actions, such as interacting with decentralized applications, participating in governance, providing liquidity, or referring new users. This helps drive adoption and build an active community around the project.
  • Point systems can help dissuade airdrop farming by requiring users to remain engaged with the ecosystem to make their points valuable. This encourages genuine participation rather than speculative behavior.
  • Unlike cryptocurrencies, crypto points typically do not have inherent monetary value or market capitalization. They are primarily used within the project’s ecosystem.
  • While points may not have direct monetary value, they can be used to fund future token airdrops or other rewards.
  • Point systems help foster a sense of community and encourage long-term engagement with the project. Users are motivated to accumulate points, leading to increased participation in discussions and events.
  • Points offer projects more regulatory compliance flexibility than tokens and can serve as a stepping stone toward more complex reward systems.

Implementing point systems allows Web3 projects to create a more engaged and loyal user base while controlling reward distribution and project development.

ChainAware.ai Point System

Here is the Point System activities list – each gives users points. The exact number of points per activity is in the finalization phase.

Title Activity
Join social media Join Twitter and Discord channels
Comment, like, and share Visitors like, comment, and share our pinned tweet at least once every week.
Frequent Usage Users connect their wallets at least twice a week and spend at least 3 minutes exploring different features.
Use Wallet Auditor Users use the Wallet Auditor tool at least once a week.
Use Fraud Detection Users use the Predictive Fraud Detection tool at least once a week.
Use Rug Pull Detection Users use the Predictive Rug Pull Detection tool at least once a week
Share Your Fraud Detection Finding on Twitter Users will find a scam wallet and share that report on Twitter once a month.

Note: it should not be an already shared scam wallet

Share Your Rugpull Detection Finding on Twitter Users will find a scam pool and share that report on Twitter once a month

Note: it should not be an already shared scam wallet

Referral Program Users Invite three friends to join our platform and earn points when they connect their wallets and engage with our tools.

The friends have to connect their wallet

Content Creation Users create a short video or post about how our tools have helped them, share it on Twitter with our hashtag #ChainAware, and tag influencers.


The ChainAware.ai team is implementing the Point System, which is expected to launch by the end of July 2024.

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