We are now ChainAware.ai!

We are excited to announce we have rebranded our AI and Big Data services into ChainAware.ai!

Here is what we offer:

  • AI-based Crypto Fraud Detection with 98% predictability
  • Big Data-based Crypto User Segmentation for 1:1 Marketing
  • AI and Big Data based Crypto Credit Scoring
  • And many additional services

Our services are available:

  • for free – for a small number of AI-based Crypto Fraud Detector queries
  • for free – for SMARTCREDIT holders
  • in Business subscription or
  • in Enterprise subscription

We are very thankful to our Community (https://t.me/SmartCredit_Community) and Twitter followers (https://twitter.com/smartcredit_io) for participating in the Re-branding competition:

  • we received very many good proposals
  • and we gave a price for the best proposals

Why re-branding?

Our previous name was good; it combined “Smart” and “Trust”.


  • it was too general a name
  • it missed the relation to the Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Algorithms, Data crunching, etc.
  • It did support less our future plans of adding more AI and Big Data services – all blockchain-based

That’s why we re-branded our project – to have more associations with AI and Big Data services.

That’s why our new name is ChainAware.ai

What are our key use cases?

We believe blockchain contains so much data that we can conclude much about the address owners from their data. Here are the key use cases:

  • Transaction Monitoring for the CeFi and DeFi companies
  • User Segmentation for 1:1 Marketing
  • Crypto Credit Scoring
  • Sharing your Crypto Trust Score

Use case: Transaction Monitoring for the CeFi and DeFi companies

Transactions Monitoring is a regulatory requirement in traditional finance. All incoming and outgoing transactions go through Transactions Monitoring Systems, usually Artificial Intelligence-based systems.

Transactions Monitoring is mandated for the CeFi (Centralized Finance) companies too. However, as no tools are available, CeFI companies usually explain to the regulators that they can do only KYC and AML.

It’s pretty possible that DeFI companies will be classified as Virtual Asset Service Providers in the future, and Transaction Monitoring requirements will apply to DeFi companies too.

CeFi companies can use https://swagger.chainaware.io/ in the subscription model:

  • This real-time API should validate all transacting addresses (incoming or outgoing).
  • If addresses are flagged as potential fraud addresses, then additional verifications (sometimes manual verifications are required).

DeFi companies can subscribe to https://swagger.chainaware.io in the subscription model:

  • Validate the user addresses when they connect to your Decentral Application with this real-time API
  • If addresses are flagged as potential fraud addresses, then do not allow the address to connect via Web3 API
  • The impact of this integration is increased security of the Dapp

Use case: User Segmentation for 1:1 Marketing

User Segmentation API does the ABC ranking for the wallets – usually, diverse wallets connect to the Dapps; however, the Dapp providers do not know which wallets have the best revenue potential. Why is this important – because the higher ranking clients will generate the revenues. So, why not offer more benefits to higher-ranking clients?

For example, SmartCredit.io integrated the User Segmentation API and automatically ranks the connecting wallets. Higher-ranked wallets (clients) will get different marketing messages than lower-ranking clients – everything is based on the revenue potential of the clients.
See more about how SmartCredit.io integrated User Segmentation API.

User Segmentation is available in the Enterprise Subscription (via chainaware.ai):

  • The primary usage is via the API (Enterprise Subscription provides you with the API key)
  • Secondary use is possible via the user interface – see the demo here (the login wallet is connected with the Enterprise Account)

Use case: Crypto Credit Scoring Services

Crypto Credit Scoring is relevant for borrowers. The crypto credit score is based on the following calculations:

  • AI-based blockchain analytics of inflows and outflows from the Ethereum account and other blockchain-based data
  • AI-based Crypto Fraud Score
  • Social graph analysis

For example, SmartCredit.io has integrated ChainAware Crypto Credit Scoring Services as follows:

A better crypto credit score means:

  • Fewer payments into the Loss-Provision Fund for the borrower, which means less interest to be paid to the borrower
  • Better collateral ratio while borrowing

A regular crypto credit score means:

  • The borrower will make more payments into the Loss-Provision-Fund
  • The borrower has to use more collateral

This implementation means that borrowers can directly monetize their blockchain data – a better credit score means fewer interest payments and better leverage.

Use case: Share your Crypto Trust Score

ChainAware.ai users can share their own scores with their business partners. That’s an easy way to establish trust between the anons. This is a free service offered to anyone.

If you work with unknown persons, then it begins with establishing trust. I.e., whom to trust and whom not to trust?

ChainAware.ai offers a way for this via AI-based Crypto Fraud Detector, which calculates the Trust Scores.

If you need to share your Trust Score or if to would like to receive the Trust Score of your partners, then proceed as follows:

  • Connect your wallet with ChainAware.ai
  • Copy your wallet address
  • Paste your wallet address into the Crypto Fraud Score Check
  • Calculate your score
  • Press the Share button, copy the link, and share this link with your partners.
  • Your partners can open this unique link and see your Score.

You can calculate any wallet on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Polygon in the Fraud Check screen. However, you can only share the results of your wallet, i.e., you cannot share the results of the wallets which do not belong to you.

Please note – scammers can pretend that they are owners of specific addresses. That’s why we request to connect the wallets before the sharing – this extra step verifies that the user controls the wallet.

What’s next?

We have a backlog of exciting AI and Big Data services, which will add much value to both DeFi and CeFi companies.

However, we announce the services after they are ready to be used – we are not doing pre-announcements – we only tell what is already available – stay tuned and subscribe to our Twitter channel!

Our business model

We offer free services to individuals – AI-based fraud detection services – use them to verify the wallets before you transfer the funds.

And we offer a subscription model:

  • For Businesses – with 3000 real-time AI queries per month
  • For Enterprises – with un-limited real-time AI queries per month, with User Segmentation, and with Crypto Credit Scoring services

Additional Info: