What is ChainAware.ai?

ChainAware.ai is a platform that can predict a crypto wallet owner's future activity, segment existing wallets, and monitor transactions.

ChainAware.ai is a platform with the ability to predict future activity of a crypto wallet owner, segment existing wallets, and monitor transactions.

What are our products?

Currently, ChainAware.ai offers three distinct sub-products.

  • Behavioral User Segmentation
  • Wallet Auditor
  • Crypto Credit Scoring

Behavioral User Segmentation

Through Crypto User Segmentation, we can pinpoint clients with the highest revenue potential by utilizing AI predictions and analyzing their past wallet activities. Our AI algorithm continuously scans wallets to predict the next steps of wallet owners. After the scanning process is complete, the algorithm creates targetable clusters based on specific conditions. For instance, you can target individuals who have used a particular crypto platform or those who are expected to borrow crypto in the future.

Wallet Auditor

The Wallet Auditor is a useful tool that can help you audit any wallet based on various criteria, such as trust score. Our advanced AI algorithm performs numerous calculations in the background and generates a trust indicator score ranging from 0 to 100.

If you’re curious about what I can do with this number, imagine this: You want to lend crypto and you’re able to choose the wallet owner. Which wallet owner would you pick? Just audit that wallet and decide. By simply auditing the wallet, you can easily determine the most trustworthy wallet owner to work with.

Crypto Credit Scoring

Prior to ChainAware.ai, we developed a completely decentralized cryptocurrency lending platform called SmartCredit.io. Drawing from the knowledge gained from this project and the firsthand experience of our founders Martin and Tarmo at Credit Suisse, we have the ability to determine the creditworthiness of a particular wallet. This credit score can serve a variety of purposes for platforms or individuals who wish to demonstrate their financial reliability in the realm of cryptocurrency.

How ChainAware.ai works?

Our platform utilizes advanced AI algorithms behind the scenes. Although the user interface may appear simplistic and intuitive, we put significant effort into simplifying even the most complex tasks. In basic terms, we train our data using high quality and verified hypotheses. We handle big data and strive to identify instances of fraud and behavioral patterns. As a result, we have achieved a 98% success rate in detecting fraud.

What are the use cases of ChainAware.ai?

At ChainAware.ai, we are committed to providing a flexible, user-friendly, and trustworthy source of web3 data. Our product can be used for a variety of purposes, including account-based marketing, fraud detection, monitoring of crypto transactions, and crypto credit scoring.

As a data company, we generate valuable information that you can leverage to adjust your budget and target reliable and high-balance crypto wallets. Additionally, our fraud detection and transaction monitoring algorithms can help you comply with regulations. We regularly share real-life use cases on our bog, so stay tuned and follow our social media channels (Twitter Profle)  for the latest updates on our product.

Who are the team behind ChainAware.ai?

Our team is small yet innovative, with members spread across various parts of Europe. Currently, we have a team of 10-15 individuals who work productively in a remote environment, across different time zones.

Our founders, Martin and Tarmo, have LinkedIn profiles that you can visit for further information. While our development team remains hidden for security reasons, they are a group of pleasant individuals. Before creating ChainAware.ai, we had already developed SmartCredit.io successfully.

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