Unlocking the Web3 Business Potential with ChainAware.ai

Essential features that prove to be extremely valuable for web3 platforms.

In today’s rapidly evolving crypto landscape, businesses need to stay ahead of the game. That’s why incorporating innovative tools like ChainAware.ai into their processes is essential.

User Segmentation: Predicting the Future with ChainAware.ai

ChainAware.ai stands out for its remarkable ability to predict the future activity of a crypto wallet owner. By utilizing advanced AI algorithms, businesses can gain valuable insights into the behavior of their target audience. This predictive analysis allows companies to customize their marketing strategies and make informed decisions about their practices.

Platforms can determine user preferences and behaviors, including borrowing on other platforms, staking or using decentralized exchanges.

Understanding User Behavior with Behavioral User Segmentation

Market segmentation has evolved beyond the traditional parameters of demographics and geography. Behavioral user segmentation has become crucial to better understanding your audience. ChainAware.ai specializes in analyzing patterns, trends, and predicting the future actions of crypto wallet owners. By using this data, you can target your audience more accurately and achieve unparalleled results.

Pinpointing High-Revenue Potential Clients

Crypto User Segmentation through ChainAware.ai allows businesses to pinpoint clients with the highest revenue potential. By utilizing AI predictions and analyzing past wallet activities, our algorithm continuously scans wallets to predict the next steps of wallet owners. Once the scanning process is complete, targetable clusters are created based on specific conditions. For example, businesses can target individuals who have used a particular crypto platform or those who’re expected to use it.

Unveiling the Creditworthiness of Crypto Wallets

Martin and Tarmo, the founders of ChainAware.ai, previously created SmartCredit.io, a decentralized lending platform for cryptocurrency. With their experience from Credit Suisse and the insights gained from ChainAware.ai they have developed a creditworthiness assessment system for individual wallet holders.

This scoring system provides a range of advantages for businesses and individuals who want to establish their financial reliability in the cryptocurrency industry.

Auditing Wallets for Trustworthy Transactions

ChainAware.ai’s Wallet Auditor feature is a revolutionary tool that enhances trust and transparency. It allows businesses to perform wallet audits based on various criteria, including trust score, enabling them to make well-informed decisions regarding potential collaborators.

The sophisticated AI algorithms work behind the scenes to perform complicated calculations and generate a trust indicator score ranging from 0 to 100. This valuable information empowers businesses to quickly and easily identify the most trustworthy wallet owners to partner with.


To sum up, ChainAware.ai provides a variety of essential features that prove to be extremely valuable for businesses involved in the crypto industry. By predicting future user activities and analyzing user behavior through behavioral segmentation, businesses can tailor their marketing strategies and gain insights for making informed decisions.

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