Using AI for Marketing in the Privacy Era

Recent updates in major browsers emphasize user privacy, limiting traditional marketing tools like cookies. Here's a guide to using AI in marketing.

Digital privacy is becoming a paramount concern, major browsers are increasingly implementing stringent privacy blocks, fundamentally changing the landscape of digital marketing. This shift necessitates innovative approaches to understand and target audiences effectively. Enter – a revolutionary platform harnessing AI’s power to predict crypto wallet owners’ future activity, ensuring marketers stay ahead in this new era.

Understanding the Privacy Shift in Browsers:

Recent updates in major browsers emphasize user privacy, limiting traditional marketing tools like cookies. This change poses challenges for marketers in tracking user behavior and preferences. However, this also opens doors for more ethical and efficient audience segmentation methods.

The Shift in Browser Privacy

Major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari are leading a privacy revolution. Central to this is the decision to block third-party cookies, which have long been the backbone of digital advertising. These cookies track users across websites, providing marketers with valuable data for targeted advertising. However, privacy concerns have led to a paradigm shift, with browsers now emphasizing user consent and data protection. While enhancing user privacy, this change poses new challenges for marketers in tracking and understanding user behavior.

The Impact on Digital Marketing

The elimination of third-party cookies means marketers must rethink their strategies. Traditional methods of audience targeting and retargeting, heavily reliant on these cookies, will no longer be as effective. This necessitates a more innovative approach to gather insights and engage with potential customers. Your Solution in the New Era of Marketing offers a unique suite of products that align perfectly with the changing dynamics of digital marketing:

  1. Behavioral User Segmentation: This feature uses AI to analyze past wallet activities, identifying clients with the highest revenue potential and creating targeted clusters for precise marketing efforts.
  2. Wallet Auditor: Our Wallet Auditor evaluates wallets based on trust scores, empowering businesses to decide who to engage with in the crypto space.
  3. Crypto Credit Scoring: Building on our experience with, we assess the creditworthiness of wallet owners, adding another layer of reliability to your marketing strategy.

How Stands Out’s success hinges on its sophisticated AI algorithms that process vast amounts of data, detecting fraud with a 98% success rate and identifying key behavioral patterns. This level of precision in targeting is invaluable in a landscape where direct tracking methods are diminishing.

Use Cases and Applications is versatile, catering to diverse needs such as account-based marketing, fraud detection, and transaction monitoring. Our insights help adjust marketing budgets to focus on high-balance, trustworthy crypto wallets, ensuring compliance with regulations.


As the digital marketing world evolves with browser privacy enhancements, stands as a beacon for marketers seeking to navigate this new terrain effectively. By leveraging AI to predict crypto wallet activity, we offer a strategic advantage that is both ethical and efficient. Visit our website to learn more about how we can transform your marketing strategy in this new era.

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